Unapologetic Beauty To Be Published!

This is a dear friend of thirty years plus — Joanna Frueh.  Four years ago we embarked on a book project entitled Unapologetic Beauty that explores the impossible beauty standard for women within our current culture.  She wrote and I photographed.  My photographs of Joanna go back 30 years  —  as a young woman, then mid-career, then later chronicles her new body after a bilateral mastectomy.  Our collaboration is a redefinition of female beauty and empowerment. We are proud and delighted that our book will be published by the University of Minnesota Press in early 2019.  It will include Joanna’s text and 25 b/w photos, 15 color images by me.
We are grateful to those of you who contributed to our Kickstarter Campaign and again grateful to those of you who have otherwise supported our artwork these many years.
With joy,

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