Frankie Dreams in Tucson

Many of my early photographs are the result of a rich and mysterious dream world.  Not always pleasant.  Sometimes disturbing.  When I was a young child, then young woman, I did not know how to react or what to do with such fertile and arresting imagery.  The dreams shattered rather than nourished my soul.

As I matured and began to photograph in my very late 20s my dream life became a font of endless and fantastical treasure filled with curious and peculiar visions.  Creating pictures with my camera and active imagination rescued my psyche.

Whereas these visions once terrified me, I could now use them in a creative and positive way.  I could accept them rather than retreat from them.  This was a major revelation for me.  Finally, I realized what a gifted imagination I had been blessed with.  My troubling anxiety and sense of alienation could now be a source of wonderment rather than fear.